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cheap flights and ferries to Lefkas (Lefkada) & Corfu

Preveza Airport is the closest airport to Lefkas and has flights on a Sunday from several UK and Continental airports.
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Corfu Airport is further away but has a number of advantages: cheaper flights, more flexibility and more airlines to choose from...
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Igoumenítsa Ferry Terminal is on the mainland opposite Corfu and ferries from Corfu and Italy disembark here. There are a number of ways of travelling down from Igoumenítsa including flying and being chauffeured at surprisingly little cost!
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Ferries from Italy if you are travelling by road or rail then you will probably need to consider ferries which leave daily from Venice, Ancona, Brindisi and Bari
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Athens Airport is your probable first destination if arriving from outside Europe. You then have several options
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Car Hire however you travel, PLEASE read these notes about car hire
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Other flights from inside Europe
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This is undoubtedly the most convenient way to arrive in Lefkas - just 15 mins from the island and another hour to the villa - and your hire-car can be waiting for you when you arrive.

But, if you don't fancy having to drive after your flight, you may be able to arrange a chauffeur from the local car hire company.
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However, it is also probably the more expensive option if you are flying from the UK (although there are sometimes deals available). You can check out some of the different fares available this summer with Flightline or TorAir (Details available in the Links page)

Plus, it's always worth checking out charter flights from your local regional airport - many of which fly into Preveza (and/or Corfu during) the season.

Many flights also available from outside the UK - see
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There are many options when flying into Corfu (Kerkyra in Greek) from the UK - Ryan Air from Stansted, Leeds, East Midlands & Glasgow or Easy Jet from Gatwick & Bristol. Plus many local airports have flights to Corfu during the season.

The Ryan Air option is probably more attractive if you live in the east of England as it departs Stansted at a reasonable time of day and gets in with enough time to take a ferry to the mainland and drive down to Villa Arbutus before it gets dark. But, (big but) not on a Sunday. Flights also available from Leeds Bradford, East Midlands & Glasgow.

EasyJet usually has 2 flights a day from Gatwick but they either leave very early (5:00 check-in anybody?) or late in the day - nevertheless there is still time to get down to the villa the same day (read on...).

Corfu to Villa Arbutus: The obvious route is via Igoumenitsa - a 10 minute (10 euro) taxi drive from the airport to the ferries and a 1½ to 2 hour ferry crossing (leaves every 30 mins). Options for getting from Igoumenitsa to Lefkas can be found
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Fly Corfu to Preveza: There is also a 25-min flight from Corfu to Preveza 4 times a week - but not, sadly, at the weekend. Details on our Links page.

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Ferries from Italy and Corfu all disembark in Igoumenitsa (although at different terminals which is something to watch out for if departing from here). There are a number of ways of getting down to the villa:

KTEL runs a bus service leaving Igoumentisa at 16:15 on Sat and Sun (11:30 on Mon, Wed & Fri). KTEL are the official long-distance bus company (but other services may compete at different times). You need to change at Preveza and again in Lefkada Town. More detail available by calling KTEL on 800-11-35555 or Lefkada Bus Station on +30 264 5022 364.

All the major car hire companies have offices in Igoumenitsa so you could have a car ready & waiting for you - but please read our notes about car hire first...
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Alternatively, if you wish to travel in more style, you can hire your car through the local company in Vasiliki and have it waiting at the villa and they will pick you up (and all your luggage) and deliver you directly to the villa. Strongly recommended but you will need to contact them on +30 645 31580 or to make the arrangements [a href="javascript:void(0);" onclick="MagicSlideshow.scroll('-3');setPlayVisibility();return false;"]back to the overview...[/a]
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Ferries sail from Venice, Ancona, Brindisi and Bari taking between 24 hours and 6 hours. There are 2 ferry companies operating on these routes - Superfast/Anex (which joined forces last year) and Minoan. Details on our Links page.

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Athens is clearly Greece's main airport and a host of airlines fly here including Easyjet and all the main operators. There are flights from Athens to Preveza with Olympic Airlines nearly everyday during the season. More details on our Links page.

Alternatively, there are buses from Athens to Preveza that run several times a day. More details on our Links page.

Picking up a hire car in Athens and driving (about 5 hours) is another option. but please read our notes about car hire first...
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We do advise hiring a JEEP. It's not that you will need 4-wheel drive (unless you want to really go off-piste and explore the mountain tracks) but the last 2 kilometres to the villa are on an agricultural track and it gets bumpy in places. You will feel more comfortable in a vehicle with raised suspension.

However, other visitors have managed using ordinary cars and that's certainly what most of the locals use.

In fact, we did have one couple last year who managed without a vehicle of any sort and just walked(!) and some other visitors who managed fine by hiring a quad bike. So there are alternatives.

Alexos & Christos have a large car-hire in the neighbouring town of Vasiliki and they will leave a vehicle for you at Preveza - or pick you up from either Preveza or Igoumenítsa for a very reasonable fee. +30 645 31580 or

Alternatively, all the usual major European car-hire companies have offices in Igoumenítsa or Lefkas Town. Whether they have Jeeps is another matter.
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Flights into Preveza are also available from:


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Ryanair have just started a new service from Stansted to Patras on Saturdays. At the time of writing (April 2012) prices in June are around 20 - 30 GBP. Patras is approx 110 miles south of Lefkas and it is possible to pick up a suitable vehicle at the airport and drive straight onto the island.

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